The First Rate Roast Potatoes

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The ingredient of The First Rate Roast Potatoes

  • 1kg coliban or sebago potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt flakes to season

The Instruction of the first rate roast potatoes

  • ufeffpreheat oven to two hundredu00b0c or 180c fan compelled peel potatoes and reduce into 5cm chunks place into a massive saucepan cover with bloodless water
  • bring to the boil over medium high heat reduce warmth to medium simmer for five 10 minutes or until in part cooked potatoes need to be best simply smooth when pierced with a skewer
  • drain potatoes well return to saucepan over low heat until any last water evaporates shake saucepan vigorously to tough up floor of potatoes this could make them crunchy when roasted alternatively scrape surfaces of potatoes with a fork to create a difficult texture
  • pour oil right into a massive roasting pan place roasting pan into oven for five mins or till oil is hot working speedy add potatoes to warm oil use tongs to turn potatoes to coat in oil then go back roasting pan to oven
  • roast potatoes for forty mins turn and roast for a further half hour or until golden and crisp season with salt serve at once

Nutritions of The First Rate Roast Potatoes

fatContent: 238 283 calories
saturatedFatContent: 9 grams fat
carbohydrateContent: 1 grams saturated fat
sugarContent: 31 grams carbohydrates
fibreContent: 2 grams sugar
proteinContent: n a
cholesterolContent: 6 grams protein
sodiumContent: n a

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