Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cups

love muffins with ice cream roll them into one and serve in lovable chocky cups

The ingredient of Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cups

  • 350g vanilla ice cream just softened
  • 1 x 250g pkt cadbury dairy milk fudge brownie chocolate finely chopped
  • 4 chocolate dessert cups see word
  • 4 small undeniable wafer biscuits to serve

The Instruction of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream cups

  • ufeffplace the ice cream in a massive bowl add the chocolate and stir till just blended transfer to an airtight container and place inside the freezer for 30 minutes or till company
  • place a chocolate cup in the centre of each serving plate
  • divide the ice cream a number of the cups serve with wafer biscuits

Nutritions of Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cups

fatContent: 705 528 calories
saturatedFatContent: 44 grams fat
carbohydrateContent: 25 grams saturated fat
sugarContent: 65 grams carbohydrates
fibreContent: 54 grams sugar
proteinContent: n a
cholesterolContent: 12 grams protein
sodiumContent: n a

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